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Welcome! ~

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Welcome to my damn page!!
I'm known as Neon or Viper around here!!
take a look around and my page and my shitty art!!
Reply to the comment in the comments if u want to say something!

Pretty Orange Watermark by PeppermentPanda
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Newon-butt My backup acc.
:iconwhiterose0437: Thanks onee-chan for the pm! :heart:

My babes <3

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. by auribunWe is the Gay team ~ <3. by auribun

:iconsofie-the-dragon: This is my bitch do not touch her )):<
:iconauribun: My beautiful little ai <3
:iconkuiku: My cookie that i treasure forever ((:
:iconneonxviper837: Then theres the shit head in the corner, forever alone.
I've known these shits for almost 4-5 years now. And i cannot believe that its been that long.. You shits mean a lot to me, and thanks for these great years. Love you guis :heart:

Hack Box <3

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Hack box ~
I am hacking this account. I have never done one of these things before and I'm usually not very good with words, all the ones I've seen are super cute. I can assure you it won't be like the others because well, I'm me. So where to start exactly . . . ? I've known this girl for almost four years? I imagine so. These past recent years haven't been the greatest for all four of us teammates, but we're still as strong as ever. Newon wong tong is the single greatest person I've ever met online. I know I've said some things that we hopefully won't ever mention again but I honestly can't wait to take horrible selfies and be fucking dorks together . . . and I honestly don't know when this vent is going to end. Newon, you're fantastic. I can't picture my life not having you in it as well as the other babes. I know I'm an only child but I've been considering maybe I have three sisters, we've become a family in a short amount of time which has felt like forever. I think if I continue this I might just take up your whole page so um . . . 사랑해


Hey baeb! Alright I usually joke around with you and stuff but now I'm gonna be serious. We've known each other for years and we text often so it's brought me closer to you than you know. Despite the rough times that the gay team had, we still are strong as fuck. You're an amazing person and you impacted me and the others in the best way. At times, I admit, you made me feel so happy that I questioned whether I liked you more than a gay teammate. I still question it to this day, but the point is that you're an amazing person. It's hard to explain how fucking awesome it is to know a person like you. You're fun, weird, and I couldn't picture where I'd be today if I never knew you. You may be quick tempered and socially awkward but you're still perfik. Me and the gay team care about you so much so always remember that. I'm excited to meet the entire gay team and act like fucking idiots together. I could keep going forever but I can't be all serious for long. Maybe in the future, when I figure it all out, I'll be able to explain how I feel about you. I love you!


Neon, it wasnt so long since we met but we really got along, you are really nice and funny, i always laugh at screenshots you send me, you also are a great roleplayer, your ocs' backstories are interesting, like really, creative shit!


About my shitty self ((:

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| Neon-butt | It | 1_ | Biromantic Demisexual | ♍ | Forever Alone |
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Commissions || Waiting on...

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>---------------------You-------------------------<IcePrincess786||Terra OC- Commission 10 :points:
Adoptable Collab with Fario-P [ My part: Base, Eyes, clothing.]
Larger Blinking Text Cursor by neripixu


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